Some goals for 2014

There is very vew things that I actualy set yearly goals for. In most aspects of goal setting a year is just too long. Through the years I have found that monthly or weekly goals work much better for me.

There is however one type of goal that works for me on a yearly cycle: Reading goals. Maybe it has something to do with the 12 years of school plus another 6 at university. Those usualy work in yearly cycles. Maybe it is because a week or a month is just way too short for propper reading goals.

Now to get to the aforementioned goals for 2014…

Read 18 books. Yes, I know that is a lot less than last year. But this is more of a minimum goal for me. I know that I will read more without even trying. The real goals is the ones that are still to come.

Read 50 short stories. Now this is something that I have never realy done before. I have read the odd short story here and there, but I have never actualy read a whole anthology. I already have three anthologies in mind: Some of the best of, 2013 edition; Dangerous Women (edited by George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozios) and Inheritance (by Megan Lindholm/Robin Hobb). If you have any other suggestions, please give them.

Read some new authors. Well they do not have to be new to the world, they just have to be new to me. It is so easy to get stuck with the same old authors that you know and love, and know you can trust to write something you will like. But I want to push myself off the edge a bit and read some books by authors that I have never read before. Hopefully I will find a couple of gems in there that I will keep n reading for many years to come. I have a list of the 100 best fantasy authors that I would like to work on. I will obviously not be able to work through all of them this year. But I would like to put a bit of a dent in the list.

So, there are some of my goals for this year. I will report back on them as the year goes on. I must admit that I am kind of excited about those goals! I think this is going to be a fantastis year!

Do you have any reading goals set for this year?


  • Kayli Schattner

    Great goals! I currently started my first book of the new year (The Happiness Project) and hope to finish it up before school starts again for me next week.

    • Nino van Vuuren

      Way to go Kayli! That sounds like the perfect book to start the new year with!
      I also forgot to put on the list that I plan on doing a couple of rereads of books. Something I have only done twice before. So I am aiming to do at least three rereads. Finished with my first reread last night (the first Harrry Potter book) and I liked it even more the second time around.