How blogging has changed me

When I started blogging I never anticipated what it would do for me. For starters, I did not realise how big the blogging community was until I stepped into it. The reasons I started was simple:

  • Practise writing. Being a music teacher I know that if you want to improve a skill, you need to practise it. I wanted to improve my writing, so I needed a place to practise it. Blogging was the simple solution.
  • Dynamic creative outlet. I do not realy like creative endeavours that does not count towards something. For example, when I do mosaic, I need to make something I can use or give away as a gift. I struggle to make something just for the sake of making it.
  • Putting memories to paper. Or let me rather say in writing. I was going through some of my old journals when I realised that life goes by so fast, and if I do not write down the things I want to remember, I will most probably forget them. Or at least forget the details that make the memory profound. The plus side of blogging is that I get to include pictures as part of those memories!

Although I only started to blog seriously in May this year, I have picked up a couple of changes that has happened to me so far:

  • For starters, my spelling has improved. I downloaded a dictionary and every time I am not sure of how to spell a word, I would look it up. I would rather look it up than opting for using the built in spell checker. My reasoning is that I want to learn and improve, and using a spell checker does not help that much. However, if I look up a word, I start to remember the spelling purposefully.
  • My english language use has also improved. English is only my second language, but I am actualy starting to think in english more. Yes I do teach in english, but writing the language, in a way, needs to be more eloquent. In writing I do not have the advantaged of facial expression and body language.
  • But one of the biggest ways that blogging has changed me is in doing something productive without getting any financial gain out of it. I had a big mental block on this issue that has spread to so many areas of my life. For instance, I used to write a lot of songs. Then I just stopped. One of my biggest reasons for stopping was not seeing the use in writing songs if they are not going to be performed. What a load of rubbish that is! Yes, it is awesome when your songs get performed, but writing them, the journey, is also an important part.

So blogging started of as a way to practise writing, but it has changed me in ways I did not expect. And in a way giving me back a part of me I did not realise I have lost. And then there is also another big perk to it – it makes me happy! Putting out a new post just keeps on putting a smile on my face.

Earlier this week I wrote about another thing that makes me realy happy: receiving postcards in the mail. I therefor decided to spread the happiness a little bit further… So, the first three readers to tell me about their favourite Text Sketches post in the comment section will also receive a postcard from me…

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  • Amy | Club Narwhal

    I love this, Nino–especially the idea of being productive sans financial gain. I feel like blogging has really pushed me to be creative in ways I didn’t expect. I remember one of my goals for 2013 was to make up my own recipe and blogging forced me to do that a few times over. It’s kind of funny how proud I was to post the first recipe I “developed” and it totally ignited my love for cooking/baking. I would love to someday hear some songs you write!

    • Nino van Vuuren

      Well done on developing your own recipe. I can definitely understand how thatwould ignite a love for cooking/baking.
      I also think that writingbsome more songs should be high on my priority list for the last quarter of the year.